All our pedals are handmade, there may be slight imperfections in the finishes or small color differences in relation to the images shown.

One of the most appreciated Chorus is the CE-2 from a renowned Japanese brand. And some modifications are circulating on the networks that can be applied to the circuit. Taking all of them and some more into account, and counting on the original integrated circuits , we manufacture this clone to order that includes the following functions:


RATE : Chorus modulation speed (original control)


DEPTH : Depth of modulation applied to the signal (original control).


And from there we added a series of extra functionalities not included in the original:


EFFECT : Mixing control between clean signal and signal with effect.


VIBRATO (switch): Eliminates the clean signal, becoming a vibrato pedal.


RANGE (switch): Change the frequency range of the Chorus signal , you can select the original option, the bass version of the CE-2B or an additional third option perfect for the VIBRATO option.


INTENSE (switch): Adds extra intensity to the modulation, for the most avant-garde.

Hear what it sounds like: (coming soon)