Lifetime warranty.

We will fix or replace your pedal as long as we are still alive as a brand. The warranty does not cover natural wear and tear of graphics or casing, potentiometer knobs, hardware or any part that has been deliberately damaged, modified or customized by others than Urantia Electronics.


There will be no charge for repairs unless the circuit board needs replacement due to user
misuse or damage.


Shipping or delivery costs to our repair service and return once repaired will be borne by the user.


Before requesting a repair from us, make sure that the fault persists by using only the pedal without other pedals, having tried different cables, guitars, power supplies or in different places (especially if the error has to do with noise) whenever possible.


In the vast majority of cases, failures can be due to defective cables, poor power supplies or situations that we cannot replicate in our repair shop.


In any case, write to us at
to tell us what the problem is and we will contact you as soon as possible to assist you or give you the relevant instructions to carry out the repair.


Repair time will always be the minimum possible and we will keep you informed of the progress at all times. In the case of pedals with vintage or NOS components (for example germanium transistors or diodes), not currently manufactured and for which we no longer have stock, we will contact you to find the most convenient solution.


Return Policy

We will repair any defective pedal while we are still alive, but we will not accept returns outside the legal period of 14 calendar days from the date of purchase according to legal regulations. In that case we will refund the full amount of the product within 30 business days. You can manage the return with the company you prefer, the shipping costs will be your responsibility and the returned item must be perfectly packaged in its original packaging (box, corks, plastics…), with all its accessories (manuals, gifts…) and without any marks of use, just as you received it.


If the pedal has been purchased from a third party and not from our online store, you
will need to contact your seller to confirm their return policy.


Shipping and insurance

Shipping and return costs during the repair will be your responsibility. We are not responsible for any possible damage caused during transportation or shipping, be sure to package the pedal as best as possible for its safety during handling and transportation by the agency you choose.


If you have any questions, you can contact us at or in the following contact form: