Our clones and customizations

These are the classics, the most sought after and some special requests usually with modifications

and extra options but always with our artistic arts.

We can make any of the pedals you see below, but don’t hesitate to ask us if you don’t see what you’re looking for:

Our catalog is too large to show everything!

All these pedals are made to order, for any questions you can write to us here:


Clone of the Baldwin-Burns Buzzaround, allegedly used by Robert Fripp or Soft Machine, among others. A versatile fuzz with a very particular tone control.

We build a completely germanium version or a more affordable hybrid version with silicon and germanium maintaining the vintage character of the original with improved ranges and lower noise.

All our clones are made to order.

Review of the pedal from the folks at Metal Tune, be sure to visit their channel here.


Our version of a masterpiece by Tom Oberheim, in our opinion the best Ring Modulator in history.

Very limited units, with the original NOS chip and the addition of a selectable input buffer.

More info here.

All our clones are made to order.


One of the most sought after overdrives with a long waiting list in its original version.

With an additional presence control and a switch that allows different clipping options, covering a wide variety of sounds.

Todos nuestros clones se realizan bajo pedido.


The Jext Telez White is a sought-after and highly valued pedal that replicated the sound of the Vox Conqueror amplifiers, used by the Beatles (among others) in the late ’60s (Think of the sounds of Sgt. Peppers or the White Album).

This is our version. Mainly a great distortion/fuzz, but reducing the bass control and playing with the mid adjustment switch, the magic appears and very personal fuzz sounds are achieved. If you are looking for something out of the ordinary, this is your option.

All our clones are made to order.


One of the most appreciated Chorus is the CE-2, from a renowned Japanese brand.

Sqeezing the most of the circuit, with original NOS chips, we have added all the possible modifications and extensions to turn a great effect into a true gem.

More information here.


All our clones are made to order.


Probably the most replicated pedal in history, legendary and with astronomical prices if you are looking for the original myth.

But you don’t have to break the bank to get the authentic sound. We added a bass control that allows you to shape your tone with extra detail. Do you prefer silver or gold…?

All our clones are made to order.


If the Big Muff has a thousand variants, this is one of the most solid and thick of all, with a modification that allows you to add mids with extra punch and definition, especially desired among bassists and stoners.

All our clones are made to order.

Review of the pedal from the folks at Metal Tune, be sure to visit their channel here.


The Selmer Buzz Tone was a Fuzz made for a short period of time and was used by the likes of Amon Duul and (supposedly) Syd Barrett during his time with Pink Floyd.

It has a very defined and bright character and of course, it is based on germanium transistors. Its special color differentiates it from the rest of the fuzz and overdrives of the time and we have added a switch that multiplies its gain to superlative levels to give it even more versatility.

All our clones are made to order.


Replica of Shin-Ei’s Super Fuzz from the 60s and 70s. With a switch to select different diodes and selected transistors for the perfect octave fuzz.

An aggressive sound with a lot of character widely used by some avant-garde keyboardists of the time or by Pete Townshend himself from The Who in his most glorious era.

All our clones are made to order.


The Systech Harmonic Energizer was one of Frank Zappa’s or Adrian Belew’s secret weapons, and this is our replica.

A Wah-style filter (the tone control acts as if it were your wah in a fixed position) and a dirty sound halfway between overdrive and fuzz, with updated components to substantially improved noise level.

An overdrive with a very special sound, out of the ordinary.

All our clones are made to order.


The woolliest and fattest Fuzz, the most desired among bassists and sub-bass friends… also among guitarists who love heavy and devastating riffs.

Let’s make the ground rumble

All our clones are made to order.


The Fuzz twisted. the most uncontrollable, unpredictable and chaotically wonderful Fuzz you can find. If noise is your thing, don’t hesitate for a minute.

Wild germanium in its purest form. And yet, it is capable of producing musical solos with unparalleled sustain… if you are able to control it!.

All our clones are made to order.


The sound of the legendary Supro amplifiers from the 60s, favorite of Jimmy Page in the early days of Led Zeppelin among others.

A sharp and crunchy overdrive that you can fatten up with our FAT mod if you’re missing some depth.

All our clones are made to order.


The original circuit was designed for Ry Cooder, looking to replace the tremolo on his Fender Twin.

And it does its job perfectly, classic Fender optical tremolo sound with expanded ranges of speed and intensity with selected components.

All our clones are made to order.



The famous Phase 90 with vintage or modern tone selector



Booster built to the whimsical requirements of its proud owner



Custom guitar preamp


The Korg KPH-401 modular phaser in a more convenient housing.


The Korg KWS-301 modular, a very special fuzz adapted in a standar box.