These are the crazy people who accompany us on this adventure.

Man does not live by guitar alone and at URANTIA ELECTRONICS we have always wanted

expand horizons by manufacturing devices for keyboards and now for harmonica.

You can’t alone, but with friends you can.






Regular collaborator of Jorge Pardo, Rosario La Tremendita, Noa Lur… Regular musician on the main stages and festivals around the world, (North Sea Jazz, Midem jazz Festival, Vitoria Jazz Festival, Madrid Jazz Festival, Seville Flamenco Biennial…)



David Sancho publishes his first album “PIANO SOLO” in 2019, in November 2020 his second album “FROM HOME”, recorded during confinement, where he explores electronic music with synthesizers, keyboards and drum machines and in 2022 his new work “ MEDITATIONS”… and he doesn’t stop, he continues working and publishing projects as a musician and producer.



A highly versatile musician and always in search of new sounds, a perfect victim for our experiments. Thanks to him we have developed our Apparatus and updated some settings in the Flutter Delay.


David Sancho has his own custom versions of those pedals, as well as some others like our clone of a certain chorus with expanded options.

Always obsessed with looking for new formulas to express himself, with a special ability to turn the simple into the bizarre, this man has been working since the 90s with projects that encompass progressive (with Tattoo Tucum or Architecture Of the Absurd), funk-soul (with Guateque All Stars) or jazz as a guitarist for the different groups of Mauri Sanchis.


He is our main critic and tester, always helping us to improve not only from the point of view of sound but also in ergonomics and use… in fact he is responsible for many of our audio samples and the videos that you will be able to find soon on our website .


One of his favorites is the Twelve, but inspired by Razl’s eclecticism we have also given birth to the extremely complex Filther or our most versatile fuzz, the Bent Fuzz.

Danny Del Toro is a versatile harmonica player who performs with ease both acoustic and electric. Named Best Acoustic Artist 2019 in the UK, his sound can be seen in his personal discography as well as in the various collaborations with internationally recognized artists.


He also has a long history in teaching the instrument as he has been part of different harmonica camps and successfully carried out different Masterclasses at international festivals throughout Europe. With several solo albums and as a companion for different artists, he is one of the most respected and ubiquitous harmonica players on the national and international scene.


Official distributor of our HARP-O-MATIC and HARP BACK harmonica pedals and tester of our new designs for this instrument that we will design following his ideas and his extensive experience with the instrument, a collaboration that is in full swing and that excites us enormously.

As a guitarist and user of high-end pedals, Juan Sánchez has been adapting to the sound required by the musical project in which he participates since the late 90s.


He has founded and participated in bands on the Madrid and national rock scene (Automotive, Dinero, Le Flam…) as well as collaborated on tours and albums with artists of different styles in the pop field (KM20 or Kike Ruiz).


Currently with his band Le Flam he searches and searches between the most Hendrix sounds and the craziest delays. He comes to the Urantia Electronics family with his search for ideal tone, his extensive experience with tube amplifiers and his sonic versatility.