All our pedals are handmade, there may be slight imperfections in the finishes or small color differences in relation to the images shown.

Harp-Back is a pedal designed specifically for harmonica microphones. With a high-impedance input buffer capable of handling microphones of all types without losing brightness, body or volume, this delay is designed to add echo to your sound that ranges from a simple slap back (short room-style echo) to spaced echoes. 400ms always with a lot of character.


Most delays are designed with another objective (instrument) in mind and therefore their low input impedance clearly affects the sound, causing loss of volume or brightness, or generating delays that muddy the sound, something that has been especially taken care of in this one.


Get that vintage slap back or more spaced and open delay times to give that extra personality to your sound.



Listen to how it sounds:

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