All our pedals are handmade, there may be slight imperfections in the finishes or small color differences in relation to the images shown.

The Ring Modulator is not an effect for the faint at heart… 


Difficult to describe: galactic, sidereal, literally otherworldly sound. And Tom Oberheim’s design, once used by the likes of Jan Hammer in the Mahavishnu Orchestra, is in our opinion the best-sounding by far.


The operation is “simple”, an oscillator is added to the signal of your instrument and both signals intermodulate each other to achieve a bell-shaped sound, which you have heard in hundreds of sci-fi movies and series from the sixties and seventies.


Using the original NOS chip and a point-to-point hand-soldered pcb, we have expanded the range of the oscillator to achieve the Martian sounds of the original and extend them to tremolo ranges.


And we’ve also added an additional input buffer (which you can turn on or off) to prevent it from overloading the input in some settings… decide between the original vintage sound or a brighter, more modern sound. You can be sure to get tones that are out of this world, and you will be able to process any type of signal: line, keyboards, guitars, etc. A truly unique tool full of character.


Listen to how it sounds: (coming soon)