All our pedals are handmade, there may be slight imperfections in the finishes or small color differences in relation to the images shown.

A versatile fuzz with more options than may seem at first glance.

From a compact and powerful overdrive, to a fuzz with octave up or a synthetic sound by adjusting the gate control… and everything you find along the way.

Not only can you adjust a wide range of gain and activate or deactivate the upper octave, with the additional Gate control you adjust the bias of the last section of the circuit to achieve an open and natural sound or a synthetic and nasal fuzz that will never cease to be spotlight present.

Turn your riffs into a crushing, solid tank or sharpen your solos with that extra octave-up sparkle. You’ll probably want more than one.

This is how it sounds in the hands of our endorser Juan Sánchez from Leflam

And this is how Razl guts it:

And our friends at Metal Tune take it to the limit. Don’t miss his YouTube channel here!

Listen to what it sounds like on our soundcloud: