All our pedals are handmade, there may be slight imperfections in the finishes or small color
differences in relation to the images shown.

Our ultimate overdrive, one for all your projects and all for one. A transparent and versatile
overdrive that can’t disappoint you.


With a range that covers from an aggressive and twitchy Treble Boost to a thick and heavy
distortion. Adjust the dynamic range with Timbre for older sounds or more modern colors and finally measure the presence level with Spark.


And as an extra, you can combine the clean signal with the saturated one. Don’t lose lows in
your bass, continue to distinguish those complex harmonies that you like on your keyboards or
simply be amazed by the amount of tones you can get just with that control.

Look how we made thefinal adjustments in this fantastic pedal with Juan Sánchez from Leflam and listen to it:

And here are some of its many possibilities:

Review of the pedal from the folks at Metal Tune, be sure to visit their channel here.