All our pedals are handmade, there may be slight imperfections in the finishes or small color differences in relation to the images shown.

We’re talking about something different, designed specifically for harmonica players.


With this pedal you can not only adjust your tone with its equalizer to fatten, sharpen or nuance your arsenal of harmonicas with its equalizer specially adjusted to handle the specific frequencies of the instrument.


Add to that an overdrive circuit to get that Chicago style sound…


Who gives more?



The usual pedals require you to use an impedance adapter to connect your microphone and have an unbalanced output to connect preferably to an amplifier but not to a mixing console or PA specifically. But the Harp-O-Matic goes much further:


-Direct balanced input for dynamic microphones (generic SM58 or Fireball style) as well as a jack input for high impedance microphones (piezo, crystal, magnetic, etc.), avoiding the need for an impedance adapter.


-Balanced output (DI or injection box) for direct connection to a mixing console or PA in addition to the standard jack output to connect to your amp.



This is how it sounds in the hands of Danny Del Toro, more information about Danny aquí

Review of our Harp-Back with Harp-O-Matic